reading "Just kids"
I'm sure "Just Kids" were reviewed and discussed here thoroughly.
But I'm reading it right now and have a lot of thoughts on it.
So I would be very interested to know your opinions on the book and to share mine.

looking for lyrics
Could please somebody send me a link or the full text of a song or a poem by Patti Smith called "Hagen Waker the nocturnal tightrope walker" (maybe I get the name wrong).

This character is mentioned in "Just Kids", and also I found a mention of this piece on some playlist, but there is nothing else.

Here is the quote from "Just Kids": "As always, I found ways to keep in step with him through my own drawings and poems. I drew circus characters and told stories about them, of Hagen Waker the nocturnal tightrope walker, Balthazar the Donkey-Faced Boy, and Aratha Kelly with his moonshaped head. Robert had no more explanation of why he was drawn to freaks than I had in creating them".

my first patti.
I just wanted to say hi, and give something to this community.
Friday at 7:45 pm Patti Smith entered the stage at the Peace and Love festival in Sweden, and I became the happiest person on earth.

I had no idea what songs she'd play, and I didn't care. For me she could do just about anything and I knew i'd still love it. I've never seen her before even if she has been in Sweden so now was the time. After 18 years I thought it was time. And it really was. She was so happy and in the end she took a polaroid of me and my friends. That little-more-than a hour is the best little-more-than a hour in my life. And I am so grateful she smiled at me.

Radio Baghdad
I heard an alternate version of "Radio Baghdad" on the radio yesterday. Would anyone know where this might have come from and where I can find it?

The Chelsea Hotel
My wife had recently read Just Kids, and I got to the part where Patti and Robert moved into The Chelsea Hotel. We visited New York City last weekend, and were walking through the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, so she asked her son to check where The Chelsea Hotel was. He looked it up on his phone and pointed, saying, "it's right there."

For those of you who may have wondered what it looks like, here it is...

There are bronze plaques on the front of the building dedicated to Arthur Miller,Dylan Thomas, Thomas Wolfe, James Schuyler, Brendan Behan, Leonard Cohen, Shirley Clarke, Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Virgil Thompson. All of these were noted not only for staying there, but for writing, while there. There was a lot of art in the lobby, along with a skinny, dark-haired woman who looked like she was trying to be Patti.

The lobby:

I've got my back to the front doors.


Patti Smith's reading at the Harold Washington Library Center, Chicago, on 21 February 2010

concert 2/20/10
For the last eighteen Years, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless has put on a benefit concert. They heard that Patti Smith was going to be on tour this year, so they asked her to do this year's show. It was at the Park West Theater. I got there pretty early, and was near the stage, just left of center. I always forget that at these shows with a lot of old people, you don't have to arrive early to get to stand near the stage, though I was a little annoyed at some of the old people pushing in front of us when the show started.

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!!!! ~ 1.30.10 -- if you're in LA tonight:
Iconic rocker, poet, artist Patti Smith presents and signs her first book of prose--Just Kids—tonight at Book Soup at 7 pm. The book provides insight into her relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the “epochal days of New York City and the Chelsea Hotel in the late sixties and seventies.”

Book Soup:

I happened to look at Patti's site, and it lists a show at the Park West in Chicago. Their site shows no tickets. Is it sold out? Canceled? Does anyone know anything? Is anyone going?


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